Monday, June 26, 2006

Full Throttle Vs. Rock Star

CarrotFull Throttle is brain juice. I didn't used to be an energy drink whore, but after a while I couldn't get enough of it . . . to the point that my heart may very well have exploded some morning as I sat in front of my monitor trying to save the world (okay, writing code, but saving the world looks better on my karma resumé). But at least I could die with a happy Full-Throttled brain.  I gave up nicotine GDit, but you would have had to pry Full Throttle from my cold dead

At least I felt that way until I was introduced to Rock Star. SWEET BRAIN NECTAR. The vending machine down the hall from my office ONLY has Rock Star, and although I felt a small betrayal to Full Throttle in the recesses of my soul, me brain just needed the juice. I freely admit that over the course of the past six months I have been converted to the church of Rock Star. 

That being said, I still hold a very special place in my heart for Full Throttle and to the confoundment of my loyalties, it was on a recent vacation that I came upon a vending machine that sold BOTH Full Throttle and Rock Star

. . . It was then that I understood the duality of Batman.

Summary movie quote:
Charlie Mackenzie: Dad, how can you hate "The Colonel"?
Stuart Mackenzie: Because he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes ya crave it nightly, smartass!
So I Married and Axe Murderer


Munny said...

**Not for use by amatures

Brindy said...

The results of my experiment with the latter brain nectar will only be remembered by the Munz and will be further referrenced to as: "The Rockstar Incident"
thank you.