Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baby Animal du Jour in honor of Munny

Baby platypus is called a "puggle", which is my original pet name for my little Brodster. What is cuter than puggle, I ask you?


Munny said...

Brody THE Puggle is pretty cute, if you don't mind me sayin'.

Brindy said...

wittle baby puggle wuggle

Anonymous said...

i love platypuses!!!!!!!they are he colest animal EVER!!!!!!

aaron :D said...

"What is cuter than puggle, I ask you?"


Anonymous said...

Just an interesting fact, there is no actual offical name for a baby platypus. The common suggested name is platypup.

This is as found on the following website:

vondeliusc said...

Do they smell? I once got to handle an immature Raccoon, but was amazed at the strong muskie smell. Let me know?

Anonymous said...

I love platypus's they are the cutest animals ever!

ckessler said...

My grandmother, while in a coma, named six more cute animals: a baby rat that is dead, a mutilated piglet, a lawn gnome, the ostrich, and the runt of a litter of siamese pigs.Not two puggles.

I am rather concerned about your dedication to the baby platypus, I am not sure if "puggle" is truly a word.
Who makes a blog about platypuses...or platypie?

I should slap your mother for having you...and teaching you that "platypup" or "puggle" are actually words.

Hey! I got a joke!
What's it called when you serve platypus for dinner?



They smell horrendous. Just like shit covered in burnt hair. Of course it smells! It just came from the birth canal of a platypus!

Anonymous said...

they come from eggs retard and unless you can tell me from experiance what they smell like shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

ckessler your a dickk!! they are from eggs and dont smell and your mother should love you more than anything cause you need it!