Thursday, March 27, 2008

HE used to believe

Funny tidbit about children and their beliefs...
On Q-jo's birthday, I was getting her dressed and X-boy was looking at her with a more contemplative look than usual, so I says to him, I says, I says, I says, "What's up, buddy?"
He looks to me, then to her, then back and forth again, and asks "So, what time today is she going to grow?"
I could tell by the look on his face that the answer he is expecting will be something far from ordinary, and he is in awe and wonder at the prospect of seeing his little sister morph into a kid something like himself.
So I says to him, I says, I says, I says, "Well, she did her growing over the last year, and she'll keep on growing as long as we take care ofher and love her...." or some other parent-like response.
I do not remember having beliefs about how we grow, or what happens on our birthdays, but this one was a keeper. Something to write down, so I can mortify him in front of his girlfriend when he is older!

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Brindy said...

On Easter Brody asked me "Why does Gawd want to take all our money?"

I sure love that kid!