Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Carrot's Movie Quote Hall of Fame

The Italian Job[as they are dangling from under the road way, after Left Ear's gotten all the explosives in place, and is about to insert the detonater]

Left Ear: Just give me a minute.

Charlie Croker: [impatiently] NOW?

Left Ear: I'm about to insert this detonator tube, and if the brass touches the sides, you and I will be the last people each of us will see.

Charlie Croker: Take all the time you need.

Left Ear: [after a pause] Hey, Charlie?

Charlie Croker: What?

Left Ear: I love you, man.

Charlie Croker: I love you too.

The Italian Job (2003)


Brindy said...

Brindy's embarrassing confession for the week:
she looooooves Marky Mark, even when he is next to Jason, she still likes him. She is secretly hoping they both show up unannounced to take her on a date to Applebees followed by some romantic bowling and end up rolling around in the lawn getting their tshirts all wet and see through. Yea, just waiting for that day, just waiting...

Carrot said...


I don't know if Funky Bunch can even compare to Handsome Rob in my fantasies... but I guess I wouldn't kick him off the lawn if ya know what I mean...

... However, my secret hope involves peanutbutter and a Christmas tree, so who am I to judge?