Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Visual Aid For Those Who Hold the Hearts of My Nearest and Dearest

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Just so we're all on the same page...
This empty jar + your nuts =
what will happen if you break their hearts

*includes husbands


Brindy said...

Subtlety is not your strong point on this one, but I likes!

uhh, where's Dan's jar?

Anonymous said...

Is this a man hating site? I liked it until lately

Your Mom said...

who is awake at 4:42 am? all kinds of things happen on this site, some more palpable than others. kind of ebbs and flows, good moods, bad moods. s'what makes it fun.

Brindy said...

Just because all the people we have talked about hating are men doesnt mean we are men haters.
Just a coincidence, don't deny yourself the joy of VIOH and all us foxy ladies have to offer just because of a coincidence, jeez.

Mook, where are you when we need you?
Prolly being held hostage by a pair of plyers.

Carrot said...

Dood! Not a man-hating site at all... sometimes the need to vlog (vent + blog = vlog) overrides good taste. If you can't vent on your blog, what's the point?

In fact, I like men very much... case in point:

Carrot's Top Ten

(Although Jason Statham has recently taken over the top spot... revision coming soon...)

The point, however, is better summed up by an entry from Carrot's Movie Quote Hall of Fame:

Jim Lovell: Houston, we are venting something out into space. I can see it outside window one right now. It's definitely a... a *gas* of some sort...
- Apollo 13 (1995)

Well, not really. But I have OCD induced ADD so it'll have to do until I'm finished re-arranging the folders on my hard drive to have pictures of Simpsons characters in alphabetical order... or perhaos another CHoF movie quote is in order:

"Dirty Steve" Stephens: Did you guys see the size of that chicken?
- Young Guns (1988)

Brindy said...

Carrot, I love you, you make sunshine in my soul.

Carrot said...

To be fair, I should have it read:

This empty jar + nuts and/or girlparts =
what will happen if you break their hearts
*includes husbands/wives

as a nod to all my guy friends out their who get stomped by women all the time... got to watch out for the doods too...