Monday, November 06, 2006

Weird Al is my hero

CarrotListen to this delicious parody of James "The-Bane-of-my-music-listening-experience" Blunt by the one and only Weird Al here.


    According to Yankovic, Blunt himself gave his blessing to a song called "You're Pitiful", which was to appear on Yankovic's now-finished but as-yet-unreleased new album. But after Yankovic finished recording the parody, Atlantic Records, Blunt's label, told Yankovic that he couldn't release "You're Pitiful." Though Yankovic has encountered resistance from artists before -- after a miscommunication involving permissions, Coolio publicly objected to a released parody of "Gangsta's Paradise," while Prince has always turned down Yankovic's requests to parody his hits -- he says this is the first time a label has stepped in to squash the release of one of his parodies. (Quoth an Atlantic representative: "We have no comment on this matter.")

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Your Mom said...

Yawh. woowoo. go Weird Al! You da man, You da man. woowoo.