Friday, September 08, 2006

Munny's Morning Thoughts

MunnyIn those precious moments when I am not sure if I am really awake in the morning, I find that I am at the height of mental perception. This usually happens as I am standing in the shower wondering if I had rinsed my hair already or checking my armpits to see if both were shaven. By the time I eat breakfast, or at least by lunch, I can decide if my morning notions really held any value. I would like to share some of these thoughts, the ones that carry a shred of sensibility that is.

This morning I was still lamenting about the untimely death of Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin. Not focusing on the worldwide attention it has brought to his cause, or the fact that the world is in mourning... just the a sense of sadness still in my heart for this man that I had never met but spent countless hours with in front of the television. Five days later, and I still carry around a strain of disconsolation and sorrow.

Then it hits me as I rinse my hair again just to be sure that it got done, would I feel this way for any other celebrity? Untimely death is horrific and no one should face it, but would I still be thinking about any one of my top ten (see below) five days later with a sense of despair? If our Commander in Chief George W. Bush died, it would rock the nation, but would it occupy my morning thoughts as much? I can honestly say no, I would not feel so empty inside about the President dying in a freak accident.

So does that make the late great Steve Irwin an empirical candidate for canonization, or does that make me a shallow and hollowed out excuse for a human? I don't try to decide, I just dry off and head out to grab a bagel and start my day.


Your Mom said...

Neither, it's just thoughts and emotions. Who knows how they work?

Carrot said...

Morning thoughts are good for the soul. It is not for you or I to decide how to mentally digest these thoughts, but to give them their due and go on with our bagel.

BTW... I do get a little teary when I see a Steve Irwin tribute on TV or online ... the passing of a truly remarkable person -- whether you know them personally, or not -- speaks to the heart in unexplainable ways. It is what it is.