Monday, April 30, 2007

Brindy's Bdidder Report

The bdidder went off without a hitch. Me madre threw a grand 'que in my honor, including grilled pineapple and a handmade shop class present from my brother. Then it was off to my house to get ready for the evening. Minor escorted me to the Bow whilest we waited for Darkness to get the keg. Many friends joined the celebration as we misbehaved with beer, fire and sarcasm, the things nearest and dearest to my heart. Hopefully, I will get to post some pics of that soon. I wish that Darkness read this blog so I could have a crazy post in honor of him. He did everything he could to make my day special, and no one besides my mommy has ever done that for me. So, sorry there aren't any crazy stories to tell, at least Fire Pig didn't get the best of me! And thanks to Darkness's g-friend EM-word for spilling beer on my head as the festivities concluded... Beer shower is always noice!

BTW, the pic goes along with the pathetic look of Brindy on Sunday morn, poor Brindy's head.

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