Friday, April 27, 2007

Post 'Stal Report - Good Times

The night could not have went better. It was without injury or any particular event worth mentioning. It was simply a nice evening with me madre and my good friends, The Darkness and Minor. Darkness kept my mama company with his addictive charm and conversation. Minor and I misbehaved as usual. We concluded the evening with stiffies from the 'Bow and just as I was about to be abandoned, my Furstenfeld look-a-like was perched at the end of the bar all by his lonesome. He might as well had a big red bow on his head, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!
So, the plans for my actual bdiddy are quite suprising. I had imagined a night of wondering from place to place up and down MT Ave until I passed out or broke my leg or something. Alas Darkness, because he just can't help but be the coolest mawrucka I eva knew, has volunteered to throw a kegger/house party in my honor. That is exactly what I wanted last year and I asked for it a month or two in advance and he bailed on me at the last minute. Sad I know. But this year, it was all his idea and I am going to have the best of times, sans Danno. I wish there was going to be some Miller Time, but I will have a beer with cheers as I recollect our fondest memories of BGO. Heres to wishing I might make it through the event in tact, Fire Pig, you're not invited!

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