Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm bringin sexy bayuck

Hey folks, I am back for a little note to Carrot for being super assum queen of VIOH and a bit excessive with the OCD, but none the less a rock star for pimpin' our blog. I am sorry for abandoning her for so long. That goes out to the Millers and all our fans in China.
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On a more personal note... Here is a little hottie for ya'll, He is Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October he looks a little like a boy I know. I might ask him to start wearing eye liner to get the full effect. Rrrarrr.
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Carrot said...

Welcome home, Brindy!! Good to have you back... especially when you bring such tasty treats!

Brindy said...

No doubt, thank you, thank you. Now, tell Justin to come sit on mama's lap.

Munny said...

We all need to redo our top ten a la Carrot, and he gets TWO spots!

Carrot said...

Yeah, dood. Yeah!